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~~ Community dedicated to Japanese alternative band : Obscure ~~

~~◇~ Welcome To Obscure Bunny Community ~◇~~

This community is dedicated to the band Obscure and his members.


One year after Fatima disbanded, Cake (Lay) and Zizi Makia (4ge) got back together to start a new band.
They started to compose music and had auditions for a vocalist. And in the end, they chose an Art college student : Nobara. She has a very sweet voice and moreover she can also play guitar.

It's in April 2007 which the band Obscure was formed in Tokyo.
Then, they officialy started their activies the 30th April 2008, with their OHP opening.

Obscure play a dreamy and surrealistic music with some strange sounds. It's a very special and alternative music.
Another point about the band : All members have multiple talents. Indeed, they also produced their artworks, in order to express better their own dreamy universe...

Nobara : Vocal, GuitarZizi Makia (4ge ex-Fatima) : Guitar, Mac
Gender : Female
More informations coming soon...
Gender : Male
More informations coming soon...

(Lay ex-Fatima) : Bass, Mac

Gender : Male
More informations coming soon...

Please make this place a peaceful happy one !!!


You can post anything related to Obscure and his members :

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█ Music & PV
█ Lyrics
█ Graphic Work (Wallpapers, icons, Layout, skins ...)
█ Fanarts & Fanfics
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♥ And please feel free to introduce yourself ! Introducy post are welcomed !!! ♥

Just please take care of following those few recommandation when posting :


█ Please be nice and kind to each other. We all want this place a warm one.
█ Everything post on that community have to be related to Obscure band and his members
Large image have to be post under a LJ-cut. You can post small teasers only.
Fanfics have to be post under a LJ-cut with the appropriate warning !!!
█ Since we're on an international space please try to post in English (in comments too would be nice)
Enjoy ください !


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